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Rachel ( Rae ) Robinson

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 Rachel is very important as she was the very first client that 

Mike Watson took on after founding Power In Faith Fitness. She could barely hold 10lb dumb bells in each hand while running courses, in the beginning. Within 4 months she was easily running Mike's Fitness Courses with 45lbs of weight, in each hand. A giant improvement and testament to her hard work and Mike's training!


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Youth Sports Team-Fitness Tank Battle 
Young Athlete Battling Tank.jpg

 This is an inside peek at one of our Youth Fitness Training Sessions. The Fitness Tanks are so versatile and are great for conditioning. Plus they are loads of fun to run drills and competitions too!

Power In Faith Fitness Clips Take A Look!
Drills, Drills and more Drills. Take a look at just a couple of our training sessions and fun competitions.
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